Mediation, Collaborative Divorce, or Court?

There are three tracks you can choose from to get divorced in Massachusetts:


Mediation involves meeting with an impartial mediator to assist you in reaching a settlement. Even if you are already involved in litigation, you can resolve your disputes outside of court using a special form of mediation called conciliation

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce involves working with an advocate in a team setting to find family-based solutions that focus on your unique circumstances instead of treating every case the same.


Litigation involves resolving your disputes through the court process. This can include direct settlement negotiation, in-court representation, limited assistance representation, or a combination of these options.

At Skylark Law & Mediation, P.C. we can assist clients in determining their best path and in following that path to a successful conclusion. We created the following infographic to help you visualize the different tracks you can choose from, and how you might end up moving from one track to the other (as well as some of the important waypoints along the way):

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